“Guitar Maestro Neil Zaza does things on the guitar that don’t seem humanly possible!”


One Dark Night…
the CD is coming soon!

The music from this landmark production is slated to be released worldwide in early 2019. Stay tuned for more details and the release date…if you dare!

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While we love the Hollywood and cultural monsters that we’ve grown up with, have you ever asked yourself why is it that we are obsessed with things evil, dark and macabre? From art to nightmares to our irrational fears, why are we drawn to these terrifying things that we can’t explain? Maybe it’s our attempt to understand and give our inner darkness a form, personifying the unknown that we can only feel: The true monster exists in us all…WE ARE THE MONSTER!

A terrifying orchestral exploration of all things evil and dark from the world’s greatest composers reimagined through the guitar of rock maestro Neil Zaza. This symphony of fear mixes powerful arrangements of macabre classical masterpieces by Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin, Prokofiev, Saint-Saëns and others with the fury of a rock band and orchestra.

This symphonic rock show is a journey to explore man's take on not only what scares us, but to come to terms with all of these terrifying elements that live within us all.