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New Website Launched

Welcome one and all to One Dark Night… and it’s new website! It is I, The Plague Doctor…the one entrusted to show you the path deep into the Dark Night. To prepare you on your journey into a realm of sounds, sights, and psychological horrors presented to you in a new and unique way courtesy of guitar maestro himself Neil Zaza.

Since 2018 Neil Zaza has brought to the stage the One Dark Night… A Rock Symphony of the Macabre concert production. Over the years it has taken on many shapes and forms improving the way the story is presented making it a full immersive experience exploring Halloween and horror…monsters and madmen…fiction and reality.

2023 marks a milestone for One Dark Night… and our upcoming tour. Neil Zaza has taken the best elements from each year and expanding the production and adding new music to create the ultimate Halloween celebration.

I would tell you more, but where is the fun in that. As we inch closer to the 2023 tour we will drop hints and clues as to what to expect here on our revamped site. So be sure to visit us in the Night often. I for one will be looking forward to your visit.

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