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Nosferatu: One Dark Night Edition

One Dark Night… has gone through many different incarnations on both stage and screen. The show itself is a horrific multimedia experience designed to bombard the senses of sound and sight to those brave enough to experience the concert performances. However, the music was what started it all and with the music came inspiration in the form of the silent film classic Nosferatu.

Although the music has been adapted and changed each year to better compliment the back story of “The Monster Within…” the original album was filled with classical masterworks reimagined by the maestro Neil Zaza in a dark rock symphonic way.

Last year on the big screen in Akron, Ohio Neil Zaza and Michael Maxim premiered the ultimate One Dark Night… companion! Nosferatu: The One Dark Night… Edition! Combining their visual and video skills they took the classic silent horror film and created a brand new soundtrack truly making a version of Nosferatu NEVER heard before!

Inspired by the retro “spookshows” of the 50’s and 60’s Nosferatu: One Dark Night… Edition was premiered to the public October of 2022. Plans for more spookshows featuring Nosferatu: One Dark Night… are being discussed, but do not worry my friends…you can witness Nosferatu: One Dark Night… Edition streaming now on TUBI with more streaming services being added soon. Just open your TUBI channel app on your streaming platform of choice (ROKU, Firestick, etc.) and just search of “Nosferatu: One Dark Night… to watch it today!

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